Working at Straker

Our vibrant workforce is a cosmopolitan blend of nationalities and cultures, which enhances the service we offer to our customers and creates a stimulating, inclusive and fun working environment.

Don’t believe us? Here’s Kim Andrews, our Chief People Officer, showcasing life at Straker Translations.


We are one of the world’s leading translation agencies. Ranked in the top 80 of more than 27,000 global vendors in an industry valued at US$40b, we’re also one of the fastest growing. From big brands to individual ‘drop in’ translation requests, we service more than 10,000 customers from our offices around the world.

We provide round-the-clock online customer support from production centres in Auckland, Barcelona, Denver and Dublin, with further account managers and sales professionals located in multiple offices in nine countries; including Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, the UK and the USA.


We are a dynamic and innovative international company with a strong focus on providing outstanding service to our customers right across the globe.

And our customers love us! We’re winning awards for our translation services and experiencing rapid growth in an exciting industry. Our roots are planted strongly in software development and we have a great team of sharp thinking, trailblazing developers who lead the way in creating cutting edge technologies that enable Straker Translations to deliver faster, more accurate, competitively priced translations to our customers.

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