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Seamless InDesign translation process

With over 5,000 specialist translators we can match a technical linguist for your required language pairs and content category. The translators then work inside our advanced cloud-based translation workbench where we can centralise security and quality control.

InDesign Reviews

Other features include a proof round selector option, so only the latest version of a document can be worked on by stakeholders. Textual and design amendments, comments and suggestions can be made internally – by translators and in-house reviewers, and externally, if you have your own internal reviewer who wants to check the files.

Side by Side Visuals

One of the most important pages you may need is the proofing page, where you can see both the English and translated InDesign document in your web browser side-by-side. A click on any text box in the translated document will bring up a pop-up window to make any necessary adjustments.

Simplicity Reduces Costs

One of our project managers will be alerted to any changes, and can supervise these changes accordingly, before going to the final approval stage. Once all stakeholders and client parties have signed-off on the document, the final version will be released back to the client. It’s as simple as that! The reduction in handling reduce costs associated with every project.

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ISO17100 quality certified

What does this mean? The new ISO17100 certification replaced the EN15038 standard in October 2015 and is the highest global quality standard for translation services.

It’s a guarantee to all our customers that we comply to the rigorous testing requirements ‘for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications’, as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Certificate issuance shows that Straker Translations has in place the processes and resources to deliver a translation service that will meet client specifications and all relevant legislation industry codes and best-practice guides.

InDesign translation processes

Do you have real time progress tracking of InDesign translations?

We understand that often translation projects for InDesign are left late in the project cycle. Our platform allows your project managers to have real time progress views of the project, ensuring you have full visibility of how your translation in progressing and when it will be delivered.

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