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We give you the confidence to publish in any language

You can have the confidence you need to publish your campaign because we are experts in translating marketing and advertising content and can work with almost any file type. With a massive pool of translators we hand pick the perfect person to bring your product or service to life across the globe. We even offer desktop publishing support, font advice for the difficulties around Cyrillic scripts, localisation and many other features.

More than 1000 Five Star Reviews Online

ISO17100 quality certified

What does this mean? The new ISO17100 certification replaced the EN15038 standard in October 2015 and is the highest global quality standard for translation services.

It’s a guarantee to all our customers that we comply to the rigorous testing requirements ‘for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications’, as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Certificate issuance shows that Straker Translations has in place the processes and resources to deliver a translation service that will meet client specifications and all relevant legislation industry codes and best-practice guides.

Website Translation Solutions

Managing a multilingual website is far more complex than just managing a single language website, but this doesn’t have to be the case. At Straker we can provide a website translation proxy solution that simplifies having your marketing website in many languages at the click of a button (with some human translation services in between). Go to our resources download page to read more on our marketing website solutions.

Review Services

Translation quality is a key consideration for text representing your product or service.  We offer all levels of reviews of content from light post editing of social media content to fully reviewed (for grammar, context and tone) print ready quality.


Our most popular quality level is a ‘professional’ translation with a review for grammar and spelling. As we have already selected a translator with domain knowledge and a high rating for quality and thoroughness, a review by a second translator allows you to be 100% confident when your campaign hits the market.

Get higher SEO rankings in all languages

Driving sales through paid and organic clicks in all languages can be critical to the success of a multilingual marketing campaign. We can provide translations that correctly map your source language SEO keywords and phrases to all your target languages.

Top Quality Translators

At Straker we have a dedicated Translator Manager who has the job of finding, reviewing, testing, training and rating translators. Translators are also scored on every job they complete and tracked for time, efficiency, reliability and accuracy as they work through our lightRAY platform on projects.


Depending on the project scope we will allocate you translators who have the relevant experience, tone-of-voice skills and are available to meet the timeframe.


We translate over one million words per month, from small 500 word jobs to large ones with over 100,000 words. We have worked with many Marketing and Advertising companies to find intelligent solutions for their specific target markets.  With our roots as a software company we have developed systems and tools to ensure quality control throughout the translation process.


We really are the industry leaders in Translation services and look forward to being your selected business partner.


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