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France has been identified as the third-largest Internet economy in Europe, with steady growth forecast for years to come. It has a maturing and advanced eCommerce market and close trade links with many territories across the globe. Canada has among the highest levels of Internet use in the world, in addition to high disposable income and, Belgium, which hosts the capital of Europe in Brussels, has an Internet penetration rate of 48%.

All this points to French being a must-have European language. At Straker Translations we know the French language inside out. With a pool of excellent and expert French linguists who cover a range of industries from aerospace to education, we can provide fast, quality French translations at great prices.

French Translation Services

We can provide, among many others, legal, technical, marketing, website, medical, certified, financial and personal translation services, in addition to translations for the public sector. Our professional translation services stretch across a host of varied requirements, so we are exceptionally well-equipped to serve you.
Our document translation services are performed by more than 5,000 professional, highly experienced translators working for us on a global scale, who are proficient in localising translations and translating into their mother tongue. We are therefore able to offer accurate and professional document translation services to our clients.
We always allocate a dedicated project manager to our clients, who will ensure you are kept up to date on your project, your deadlines are met and your document translation services are performed by a qualified and experienced translator.
If you choose a reputable and experienced language translation agency such as us to do business with, you will have immediate access to all of this expertise. Our wide reach, presence and success with providing accurate document translation services make us a front running translation company.


We are trusted to complete thousands of successful French Translation Services projects

English Marketing Translation Project

Translation of brochures for advertising clients

  • Words: 1,560
  • Timeframe: 7 Days
  • Category: Marketing
  • Source: English
  • Target: Albanian, Arabic, Farsi, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish ( Spain )
English Legal Translation Project

Employment contract, business documents.

  • Words: 21,830
  • Timeframe: 7 Days
  • Category: Legal
  • Source: English
  • Target: Chinese simplified, Portuguese (Brazil)
English Video Translation Project

Translation of an online training video for Microsoft Lync communication tool

  • Words: 13,086
  • Timeframe: 7 Days
  • Category: Video
  • Source: English
  • Target: French and German


The professional linguists of Straker Translations translate more than 100 languages, so your games can find an audience around the world, from Asia to Europe to North and South America.

Straker Translations translates game manuals, in-game text and conversations, subtitles, lyrics, packaging, marketing materials and websites, making sure to maintain the unique gaming experience and marketing message of your content for any international release.


Professional French Translations

French is a Romance language spoken as a first language in France and many parts of the world, the largest numbers of which reside in Francophone Africa.  French is estimated as having between 70 million and 110 million native speakers and 190 million second language speakers. French is the second-most studied foreign language in the world, after English.

It is an official language in 29 countries, most of which is called, in French, La Francophonie, the community of French-speaking countries. It is an official language of all United Nations agencies and a large number of international organizations.

According to the European Union, 129 million, or twenty-six percent of the Union’s total population speak French, of whom 65 million are native speakers and 69 million are second-language or foreign language speakers. Twenty-percent of non-Francophone Europeans know how to speak French, totalling roughly 145.6 million people in Europe, alone.

According to a demographic projection, French will be represented by approximately 500 million people in 2025 and approximately seven-percent of the world’s population in 2050.

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ISO17100 quality certified

What does this mean? The new ISO17100 certification replaced the EN15038 standard in October 2015 and is the highest global quality standard for translation services.

It’s a guarantee to all our customers that we comply to the rigorous testing requirements ‘for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications’, as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Certificate issuance shows that Straker Translations has in place the processes and resources to deliver a translation service that will meet client specifications and all relevant legislation industry codes and best-practice guides.

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Translation technology and services are advancing at rapid speed - are you getting left behind with an outdated translation process?

A lot of what goes into making translations faster is in simplifying the translation process. We make getting translations completed fast and easy, with our range of unique, technology enabled solutions.

French Websites

Looking for a cost-effective and easy way to get your website translated into or out of French? We have website translation technology to simplify the process and still ensure you have quality human translations

French Documents

Our translation platform supports over 100 different file formats, we can translate MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, XML, XLIFF and many other formats.

Adobe InDesign

Our world leading InDesign translation platform even allows for cloud-based in-layout proofreading.

French Video Translation

We make it easy for you to get videos and games translated within your timeframe and budget. You will get your video's and games to the market faster through the use of our advanced translation platform.

World class translators

We use a mix of in-house and +5,000 contract translators. All are world class, are qualified, certified and have completed our rigorous translator selection process.
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Lucile - Finance Translator

  • Native Language: French
  • Specialisation: Finance
  • Language Pair:
    French ( France ) > Portuguese ( Brazil )
Laura - Travel and Tourism Translator

  • Native Language: Spanish
  • Specialisation: Travel and Tourism
  • Language Pair:
    French ( France ) > Spanish ( Spain )
Sophia - Marketing and Advertising Translator

  • Native Language: German
  • Specialisation: Marketing and Advertising
  • Language Pair:
    French ( France ) > English
Nagore - Finance Translator

  • Native Language: Spanish
  • Specialisation: Finance
  • Language Pair:
    French ( France ) > Spanish ( Spain )