Intelligent Human Translation - we offer fast translation services at a low price

At Straker we employ some pretty smart people.  Over the past 8 years have developed the World’s most advanced human translation platform, which enables us to offer low prices without any quality compromise, at incredible speeds. This article gives a quick overview of how the system works.

Originally our RAY™ platform was developed with the aim of improving the number of words a translator could translate, but we found by making them go faster we could also lower the price and centralize the quality control process. Here are some of the benefits of the system:

  • Significantly reducing your translation costs
  • Reducing the time taken to complete a translation
  • Allowing multiple translators to work in parallel
  • Storing all translations for your further use
  • Real time reporting of translations in progress
  • Centralized quality control processes
  • Making it easy to import and export files and data in any format
  • Tracking changes on translations
  • Tracking translator efficiency and quality
  • Integrated customer portal to view and track all projects
  • Allowing centralized glossaries, reserved words and terminologies

Reducing Translation Costs

Translation costs are a function of the turnaround time required, content type and domain (eg technical, legal etc), the volume of content and the language pair. With the ultraRAY™ platform translators work inside our secure workbench, which is the world’s most advanced online translation editing platform. This enables the translators to often go at double (or more) the speed of translators working with other tools, this increase in translation speed without any drop in quality means the base cost of the translation is lower.

Parallel and Collaborative Translations

RAY™ also allows collaborative and parallel translations meaning multiple translators can work on the same project, at the same time. If you have a 60,000 word project that has to be completed in 48 hours then the system can assign 3 translators to work in parallel doing 20,000 words each.


Translation Memory

Translations in RAY™ are completed at a paragraph or sentence level and the translation is saved as a matching translation pair, known as a translation memory. All translations are stored and can be used for future translation projects (lowering your ongoing costs). They can also be used to help train a statistical machine translation engine specific to your content, which can help the human linguist to work faster.

Real-time reporting

With tight translation deadlines, real-time reporting is the best way to check whether the translation will be completed on schedule. You get real-time data through a customized portal where you can log in and retrieve the current status of your project, including a specified word count.

Integrated Quality Control

By having all our translators work in one system it becomes considerably easier to centralize and monitor the translation quality control process. Reserved words (words that should not be translated), glossary terms, spelling and grammar can be enforced and checked as translations are completed.

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