stingRAY™ is the world’s leading translation API, enabling easy automation and streamlining of the complete translation process. It perfectly balances the need for seamless translation automation with ease of integration and simplicity of use.

How you benefit from the stingRAY Translation API

  • Automate sending and receiving of large content volumes or frequent jobs regardless of size
  • Integrate directly into the content workflow creation process,
    accessed by quality human translators
  • Use for eCommerce content so new products and services are translated as part of the product sales life cycle
  • Automate the review and validation steps in the translation process to further reduce project times

stingRAY™ API connects directly into the Straker Translations RAY™ platform.  It is inside the RAY platform, where customers gain significant commercial  benefit when using Straker Translations’ award-winning services.

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The stingRAY™ Translation API is free to use. You only need to pay for the translation of the content pushed through the API.

stringRAY™ API Structure


Pre-defined or custom workflow can be sent via the API with each job or batch

Translate Text or Files

Used to translate a block of text raw HTML, Word or InDesign documentation


Our industry standard API authentication protocols use Bearer Tokens in the header of every inline action HTTP Request

Job Management

Make requests and use webhooks to track job progress, get status updates and approve quotes to start jobs

Pre-built connectors

You can build a custom connector to stingRAY or you can use one of our many pre-built connectors for popular content and eCommerce platforms

 stingRAY connectors logos


When using the RAY SDK (software development kit), third parties can build comprehensive, cloud-based translation solutions by connecting to the RAY translation technology stack through the stingRAYAPI.

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