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Our API makes it easy for you to get human translations on tap

Instantly access fast, secure and trusted translations by plugging into our powerful yet simple-to-use API. We have unrivalled turnaround time for human translations in over 80 languages.

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    Plug high-quality, low-cost human translation into your website or application using our Translation API. Send content directly from your application or CMS to our translation portal via the API, your content will be translated and you will be notified when the translations are ready to be retrieved.

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    Connect Easily

    Our API is a REST based API that can be called using almost any modern web based technologies such as PHP, .NET, JAVA, Coldfusion, Ruby and plain old HTML or AJAX.

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    Translation Savings

    Up to 35% of the cost of translations can be importing and exporting content, manually importing content is also one of the major reasons for time delays in translation projects. By automating the process using the Straker API you can save thousands of dollars and get faster turnaround on translations.

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What is the Straker Translations API and what are the benefits?

An API is an Application Programming Interface that enables one computer to ‘talk’ to another. Having an effective translation API is key to getting your content translated quickly and efficiently. The Straker Translations powerful and user-friendly API has the ability to provide bespoke solutions to every individual client looking to get dynamic content out to the user.

We have a dedicated API developer team on site to ensure that our API and online assets are optimized to your project to ensure that we can meet client demands as effectively as possible.


Read more about the stingRAY translation API here.


    Automate Standard Workflow Procedures

    We’re all about finding solutions to help make translation projects as easy and as fast as possible, and then passing on that efficiency, knowledge and saving to the client. Automation can help – automation means simplifying the whole workflow process to speed up and therefore lower the cost of the translation. Reducing human touch points will ultimately deliver faster translations to clients at lower costs.


    Solution-based Outcomes

    We seek an innovative blend of purpose built translation technologies and human translation, providing workflow processes which assist the translator’s efficiency, rather than seeking to replace them. Our API software solution facilitates this tandem approach, machines assisting human translators so you get the best possible outcome.

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    API – An Efficient Technology

    Straker Translations provides a real-time gateway between translator and content delivery schedules which benefit the translator. With streamlined workflows and more efficient technologies at their disposal through our gammaRAY™ translation workbench, our translators can produce outstanding results. Straker Translations is at the cutting edge of automated translation technologies and processes, constantly finding ways to improve workflows via automation innovation, and is leading the way in the industry.


    Results Focused Quality Settings

    Clients can select from three tiers of quality – light touch post edit, professional translation or translation plus review option. That way you get what your project requires to meet your users needs. If you have your own reviewers the web-based feedback platform deltaRAY™gives them real-time access to translation projects for as much, or as little, control as you prefer.


    Why Developers Love Us

    Automated mapping of content to identify new strings makes it easy for developers to manage content additions. Developers need to spend less time altering code and functions to surface translations. Even better, developers are able to pass notes/context information and screenshots through the API (or via upload) to enable within translation context.

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